Star Wars Destinies

Cut Scene

“This is outrageous! How dare you let them escape?”

“Watch your accusations Grand Inquisitor.”

“Raithe, I know you intervened; Lord Vader will not be pleased!”

“Your incompetence and trust in apprentices is what led to their escape at the hands of bounty hunters. You couldn’t defeat them and lost your eyesight as a result, that is YOUR failing. Lord Vader is only concerned that he has enough slaves for his secret project. Which YOU need to make sure the project on Kashyyyk continues without incident in order to meet his quota.”

“As Grand Inquisitor I have more pressing concerns as appointed by the Emperor. YOU are the one who needs to ensure the Kashyyyk project continues without incident.”

A thick silence falls over the holocomm as neither one responds to the other.

Breaking the silence, Raithe says, “Very well.” And the holocomm transmission ends.

Grand Inquisitor Devis slams his hand on the console, then presses another key. The image of a red-haired Imperial with thick red sideburns appears on the holocomm. “Agent Ossnan, the criminals from The Last Resort have escaped our grasp. Find them and bring them back to Thule.”

“It will be done Inquisitor.”


Raithe takes a deep breath after severing the transmission with Devis. He presses a button on the side of the console and the image of an older human man with thick gray hair neatly trimmed appears. “Admiral Eves, I have some matters to attend to for a while, see to it that nothing interrupts the project on Kashyyyk.”

“Yes my lord. Eves out.”

As the blue light of the holocomm winks out in Raithe’s darkened chamber, it is filled with another blue light, that of a bacta tank. Raithe smoothly walks over to the tank and looks at the young Arkanian Off-shoot floating in the medicinal goo. “Well my son, we finally have some time together.”



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