Star Wars Destinies

Session 043

Iaco Tabanne's personal log

After rescuing the crew of Iso-One, we worked together to retake the bridge. Reom, and his men, laid down cover fire, while I pressed the attack — with Raithe’s lightsaber. I took a graze to the arm while engaged with a couple of bucket heads, but it was nothing serious. Once the bridge was secure, I noticed the Gold Star in a dog fight with several TIE fighters, and had the ship’s gunners take aim on the swarm; however, at that moment, an Imperial shuttle — leaving the Last Resort — passed through the hot zone, which slowed it’s egress. Reom said that he would NOT be leaving until his sister and Kratala were safe, so I took the Y-wing, and went to help in the search aboard the Last Resort. As I reached the docking bay, I noticed the Krayt Fang slipping away… what in the blazes?! Shorbecca met me inside, and informed me that our ship had been swiped, presumably by that damned Devaronian inquisitor. Kratala and Shira were nowhere to be found. The Imperial shuttle had been disabled in the fight, so we boarded it and captured some Imperials, whom we then questioned. I had to restrain BX-1N from torturing the Imperial officer, but I think he sensed that it would be in his best interest to cooperate, and we learned that their rendezvous point was on the outer-rim world of Thule — on the other side of the galaxy! We prepped for the long trip, and embarked on our journey across the stars aboard the Blockade Bandit.

Along the way, knowing what lay in my path, I studied the holocron and meditated on the correct course of action. Finally realizing that it was my destiny to face the former Jedi Knight, and my cell doner — according to Kratala — the man I once called Father; the man supposedly killed all those years ago by BX-1N, Raithe Harrak. When I last encountered him at that abandoned cloning facility, he said that when we next met, it would be as enemies. However, he did save my life that day, so I feel that there may be some wiggle room here.
As we closed in on the system, I began to have hazy visions of what was in store for us: a stormy, and dangerous world; dark forces lay in wait, and there among them, Kratala and Shira.

We left the Blockade Bandit in deep space, and took a small shuttle to the planet Thule. Upon arriving, we could see a cluster of Imperial star destroyers massing over an ancient temple I had seen in my vision. We decided to take the back way in, and encountered some severe weather, and we had to make an emergency landing. Thank the Force, we were all unscathed. We gathered our equipment, and headed out toward the temple.

We were walking carefully through the thick foliage, when what appeared to be a flying rancor swooped down and sent me reeling back with quite an umph. Reactingly quickly, BX-1N released a barrage of blaster fire into this winged monstrosity — with seemingly little effect. Shorbecca carefully took aim with his bowcaster, and brough the beast down with one shot — great shot! BX-1N lunged for it, but the creature swatted him away like an Dantooinian mud-fly — knocking over a tree in the process, and pinning the creature! I launched myself at the creature with lightsaber in hand, dealing a serious blow, but it was Shorbecca who landed the final strike, ending this alpha predator’s reign of terror.

When we finally arrived at the temple complex, it was as I had seen in my vision, with the notable addition of several inquisitor trainees, practicing their lightsaber techniques… We decided on a plan to split up: BX-1N would rescue the hostages, while Shorbecca, Sirrahn, and Reom would deactivate the power to the turbo-laser sentinels, and I would strike off alone to face Raithe. May the force be with us…



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