Star Wars Destinies

Session 044

Iaco Tabanne's personal log

I moved quietly toward the floating keep, and jump-jetted over. I quickly moved through the entry-way, and there was Raithe — and the rest of my team engaged in a pitched battle… losing. Something was off; how could this happen so quickly? I jump up to Raithe’s postion overlooking the battle, point my (his) lightsaber at him, and tell him to “stop this!” Raithe immediately knocks my blade away with his lightsaber and we begin to fight…

I seem to awake to a hollow laugh, and see Raithe stand from a kneeling position — it was a vision! Raithe tells me that I’ve made a foolish mistake, that I will most certainly be killed, and lunges toward me. I quickly jab at him, and catch him by surprise, but he delflects the blow at the least second. He smiles and says “good…” which is mildly unnerving. They trade a few ripostes, and I take a minor hit. All the while I’m maneuvering toward the exit, and I jump across the bridge and tell Raithe that, “it wasn’t his fault — he couldn’t have saved her.” He says that the Raithe that was is long dead, and wrests the lightsaber from my grip, tossing it down the chasm — calling it a relic from an obsolete era, or something. I quick draw my blaster and shoot out the support chain of the bridge, which also falls into the chasm, and costs Raithe his footing — then I launch toward the main temple.

I blast into the main room and hover between BX-1N and Cratala’s force cages, and take a shot at some storm troopers. I drop down and engage an inquisitor, who is quickly dispatched. I run interference for the gang, while they attempt to free the prisoners; however, things begin to go badly… Shira is killed, and Reom is unresponsive. I look over in time to see Sirahn get dropped — and Shorbecca get cut down, losing an arm! “Nooooooo!”



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