Star Wars Destinies

Session 42

Laminate Armor < Fusion Cutter

“Those thieving Imperial scum!” Sirahn cursed through clenched teeth. The Krayt Fang rocked under the laser blasts of the very ship he helped design. Somehow the Imps were blocking transmissions to or from the Fang, but looking out the viewport, the Sluissi pilot could see the snubfighters bobbing and weaving to avoid the spray of the normal TIEs. But he had to stop worrying about them and focus on delivering himself and the wookie to The Last Resort so they could take back the station from the boarders. . . and get some payback!

Sirahn saw a burst of light blossom on the underbelly of the Imperial Star Destroyer allowing the Blockade Bandit to instantly jump to Hyperspace. “All right, one down.” The old YT-1300 made a beeline for the station’s hangerbays and while the Sluissi pulled into the bay, he could hear the great hairy warrior readying himself for battle. The pair rushed off the ship as soon as it had settled on the deck, but apparently A6 had somehow beat them both to the nearest computer console. “Well of course the computers are locked out,” he remarked when the astromech reported no joy. Assuming we and the station come out of this in one piece, I’d better put a backdoor into the computer system so this sort of crap won’t happen again. But this thought was just squirming around in the back of his mind while he quickly readied another dose of stimulants: time to get pumped up!

“What in Darkspace. . .?!” the Sluissi exclaimed as he saw four Stormtroopers gunned down in a single volley of Shorbecca’s powerful blaster. The pair had heard a scream which led them to the hanger opposite the Fang. Luckily there was still one standing close enough. A maniacal grin spread over Sirahn’s features as his trusty Fusion Cutter flared to life, throwing off a brilliant blue light. Moving as fast as his stimmed-up tail could take him, he threw himself at the trooper, sparks flying as the torch cut through the ivory armor like his starfighter through the void. “That. . . is. . . my. . . ship!” he whispered to the screaming Imperial, carving a heart right into the breastplate. More blaster fire came from behind some crates and the bowcaster replied in turn. Time to get me a sergeant.

This time, Sirahn didn’t go for the artistic approach, instead thrusting the pinprick of starlight straight through the trooper’s eye socket. Skin and laminate alike bubbled under the ferocious heat of this little mechanic’s tool. Once the body stopped twitching, the Sluissi glanced around looking for the source of the woman’s voice, but there was none to be found. “That’s odd. . .” Shrugging, he pulled out his datapad and scanned the nearest floor of the station, searching for life signs. Unfortunately, there were hits on both the command level and the level below the docking ring. Well, at least if they went upward, they’d be able to re-establish control of station.

Another squad of Stormtroopers came out from the adjacent hanger, guns leveled. Good thing Sirahn had brought along a souvenir from the sergeant. Using the helmet as a hand puppet, the Sluissi pretended to have a conversation with the deceased trooper. His scare tactic worked, much to his own surprise, as the Imperials scampered back the way from which they’d come. Just a short ride in the turbolift to the next objective.

Well this was a mistake. . . Twin red beams created a disc of light as the kriffing persistent devaronian stood in the center of the room. Sirahn wasn’t going to stick around for this; he’d let the wookie handle this one while he found the prisoners which he suspected were being kept in the crew quarters, but not before giving a quick shot of juice to his friend. Shorbecca is finally coming around. The Stormtrooper squad gave little resistance against Sirahn’s assault of explosives followed by his trusty ’Trooper Penetrator. I really need to come up with a better name for this. he mused, as the last of the armored Imperials clattered to the deck.



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