Star Wars Destinies

Session 42a

Goldstar in Space


The Goldstar Disembarks from the Krayt Fang and makes a b-line for the more relative safety of the shadow of the imperial cruiser. Dozens of tie fighters swarm towards me and I try to evade them as best I can while trying to take a few of them out in the process.

The Iaco Taco is right behind me, we take turns picking off the fighters as we all trade hits. As their numbers begin to dwindle I notice the cover fire of the cruiser has suddenly stopped. I tell Iaco that’s his chance to hit the tractor beam and he looses a devistating torpedo against the hull of the cruiser and knocks out the beam. This causes the cruiser, the Blockade Bandit, to be released and it instantly jumps into hyperspace and escapes.

I have no idea what’s happening aboard Iso One, but I can see that the Fang is about to make a landing into the Last Resort. As it breaks away from its own tie ‘escort’ I send my last concussion missile at the funny looking tie. The missile looks painfully slow as it streaks across space, but I locked on and it detonated before any of them could escape. The blast took out all but the strange unidentified vesssel, causing it to limp off.

By that time, the Krayt Fang had docked and I can only assume that my companions were searching the station and retaking it. Meanwhile, Iaco had landed the Iaco Taco aboard the ISO One. This left me alone in space to deal with the might of the empire… I am watching. I am waiting for my chance.
The moment the barrage stops I will make an attack run for the tractor beam.
Suddenly, I see a narrow cooridor open up as the barrage lightens. The wall of energy beams still fall around me but I make my pass and fire at the emitter. It is not a good hit, but it was effective. The beam holding ISO One in place has relinquished its grasp, but the ship didn’t move to escape.

Is Iaco in trouble? Has ISO One been disabled? Tune in next time when we find out!



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