Star Wars Destinies

Session 43

Dear Data Banks

Dear Data Banks,
The imperial shuttle launched from the Last Resort. I can only assume that they have Shira and Critalla may be on board. I decided to disable the engines so that they would not be able to reach the Star Destroyer with their bounty.
It had taken a few careful shots while the tie fighters attacked or made defensive screens, but I got in a lucky shot. As my blasters fired, a tie fighter got its wing clipped, causing it to careen off into the aft of the shuttle and knocking out their engines.

Later… Aboard Iso One, I briefly interviewed Captain Soandso. He was cooperative and told us everything that we wanted to know. The Captain even let us know about the trap that we would soon walk into. Note: Captain Soandso would like to be returned to the Empire, but we did not discuss in how many pieces.

Arriving at the Planet of Doom.
I believe I managed to sneak is undetected to the planet, however as we began to enter into the hellish atmosphere, we were struck down by one of the constantly occurring lightning bolts that streak across the sky. I managed to bring us down in one piece and we disembarked into the dense foliage of the forest.

Trekking through the lush underbrush with an ever choking feeling of dread, a massive beast leapt from the trees to set upon Iaco. Everything about this creature is gigantic, even the claws it used to crush and fling my comrade away. That is when it climbed into that plasma filled sky on huge wings.
Shorbecca and I opened fire on it and only seemed to make it more angry. It swooped down again, this time it came at me. The creature took a huge swing at me and despite my very best, I was not able to dodge out of the way. I had not been hit like that in a very long time. The power behind that claw had even felled a nearby tree. Luckily, the tree toppled on top of the beast. Iaco, recovered from his assault, drove his laser sword into the create and illicited a pained roar! I followed suit and began to stab furiously into its hide. Then, as the beast struggled under our blows and the weight of the tree, Shorbecca charged into its exposed belly and spilled the creatures entrails upon the ground. It died shortly thereafter and the wookie claimed a gargantuan wing as a trophy, draping it across his shoulders.

Overlooking the Temple, I commit this data to secured storage. If anything of myself survives this expedition, the accounts leading up to it shall…
Ominous beams of red swing and charge back and forth, clashing against each other in as much fury to match that in the sky above.
Strangely armored Stormtroopers look on as these force users train and spar under the watchful eyes of their masters.
Behind them all, batteries of turbolasers pan and tilt as they scan the area and Imperial Walkers shake the very ground as they patrol.

#ohfuck #certaindeath #havefunstormingthecastle #imsorrymariobut



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