Star Wars Destinies

Session 43

Flying Rancors, oh my!

Suffice it to say, we kicked those Imperial cowards right off our station. Even that scary, no good Devaronian retreated while he had the chance. Double-spinny lightsticks my tail, ha! I wouldn’t want to stand and fight my stimmed-up wookie friend either. But then comes the bad news. Not only did my prototype starfighter limp back to the safety of the Star Destroyer (which could have easily blown our station into itty bits of space dust, but didn’t * raises nonexistent eyebrow*); but that Hutt-spawn Devaronian stole the ’Fang and chopped R1-V6 in half to boot. Kist, what is the Galaxy coming to when an elite Imperial Agent, Inquisitor, whatever he is, needs to steal an old smuggling ship. Mark my words, Journal, soon there will come a reckoning.

It’s a good thing we have a decent computer aboard The Last Resort. Let the whole Galaxy tremble when a lone snake-man can trace the trajectory of a starship gone to lightspeed clear across known space. * Maniacal laugh.*

What can’t I do? All we have is tiny shuttle and I was able, all by my lonesome I might add, to attach to the Imperial ship as it careened through space out of control and dock it with IsoOne. Of course, it would have been too easy for Kratala and Reom’s sister to be aboard: note the sarcasm, Journal. But we were able to capture the remaining Imperials, including an officer who yielded some helpful information.

Well, the interrogation only proved that my math was correct. Thule, eh? An obscure planet apparently: can’t even find any records on the place. Good thing I have an impeccable memory. I’ve heard the name of the system before: something to do with ancient ruins of one Jedi faction or another. But what’s this? It’s a trap? So said the officer, anyway; I’m sure BX-1N put the scare in him, so I doubt it was just bravado. Still, we’ve walked into traps before and come out unscathed and this time we’re not going in blind, so I don’t predict a huge problem. As long as the little hyperdrive on our shuttle doesn’t crap out, we should be good to go, especially now that we have all these grenades! It’s not as if we’ll get ambushed by some massive monster while traipsing across the planet’s surface.

Goodness gracious! Not only is it some massive monster, it’s a gargantuan beast that can fly! Although, I’m scratching my head about how the physics of this creature is supposed to work. . . I thought Shorbecca was a mighty warrior before, but he nearly decapitated that thing in a single blow! Sure, others helped, but its hide was as tough as stone and the wookie’s mighty vibroaxe (you’re welcome for the repairs, by the way) chewed through it all the same. Documenting the kill was a must. None of the others back at the University are going to believe this. Oh, and this was after we nearly crash landed on Thule because of the lightning storms encasing the planet: no big deal.

And now we come to it. Apparently, the Imperials have built a fortified compound around one of the aforementioned ruins. There even seems to be some giant stone floating of its own accord. Maybe this planet gives rise to some gravitic anomalies, allowing all sorts of things to become airborne that otherwise have no business doing so. Anyway, this place has decent fortifications, but we have a plan for that: can’t defend a base with big lasers if there’s no power. Apparently Iaco is having some ‘feelings’ about the Inquisitor guy and some other Jedi, but we saw half a dozen people training with those red sabers, so I guess this is some sort of recruit station. Plan A seems pretty good though: Iaco’s going to try and draw their attention (he should just wear those fancy threads he picked up on Vardrah station. Zing!) The rest of us will simultaneously do some infiltration and sabotage. I’d really like to have a whirl in that scout walker, but that might have to wait for another time, or it could just be Plan B if everything goes awry. . .



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