Star Wars Destinies

Session 44

Elegy of the Fang

All was going well. Iaco had broken off from the group to seek his fate at that floating temple while the rest of use went stealthily along the ridge to approach the main structure from the rear. BX-1N, being the infiltration master he is, went to go rescue the two captives. “I suppose it’s better for him to be skulking down these dark corridors alone,” Sirahn muttered to Shorbecca as the droid’s muffled steps retreated into the gloom. The sluissi rubbed his scaly hands together, a greedy gleam in his eye. “Well, time to steal back the Fang from these thieving Imperials.” Shorbecca rumbled an agreement.

A thought wandered across Sirahn’s mind. What an odd situation. A massive hairy beast and slender reptilian sneaking around in secret Imperial compound on some long forgotten world at the outer edge of the Galaxy. “Not in my wildest imaginings did I think this would turn out to be my life,” he muttered to himself. A door slid aside to reveal the familiar sight of burnt orange paint, scored with pockmarks of many a battle. And what’s more, the loading ramp was down! The technician couldn’t believe their luck: they wouldn’t even need to waste time breaking in. The sluissi’s senses heightened by the various compounds coursing through his veins, he noticed the small squad of troopers who were guarding the ship. Ha, They weren’t even paying attention to the ramp!

Barely able to contain his excitement, Sirahn slithered forward, his tail whispering across the duracrete as he belined to the awaiting ship. He made it up the ramp with the bucketheads none the wiser, but as he was about to head to the cockpit he heard a faint beeping. Terror seized his whole body, as he turned head over tail to escape the old freighter. The Imperials weren’t as witless as he suspected. It’s a trap!

The explosion nearly killed the sluissi, but his amped-up reflexes saved him yet again. But the Fang! The ship lay as a piece of smoldering slag, bodies of stormtroopers littering the hanger. Ever since they started this clash with the Empire, everything around their little band seemed to be falling to pieces. Well, I’ll just have to give them a taste of their own medicine.

Shutting down the generators was no trouble for a snake of his skills and he left a mighty surprise for any who would want to reactivate those guns. Now to find BX-1N and get out of here. Apparently, this temple was a literal maze and the pair had no luck in finding the detention block. What they did find, however, was not inspiring. BX-1N, Cratala, and Reom’s sister all suspended in force cages while that despicable devaronian and some of his underlings were standing guard. Finally time to get the payback that these Imperials so rightly deserved. . .



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