Star Wars Destinies

Session 44b

It's time to go.

Stealthily avoiding constant patrols of these strange troopers and walking weapons platforms, the group and I easily make it to the rear of the complex. Once there, we immediately begin to descend the vertical cliff face. A few minor slips don’t seem to bring us any harm or attention and we alight upon the canyon floor ready to split up for our respective tasks. The burly wookie and svelt sluissi make off with Reom towards what we had believed to be a hangar to secure the Krayt Fang for our no doubt hasty departure.
I move into the main complex we had identified to have the detention cells. So far, I appear to have moved around the place without being detected. I come to the detention cells and find them guarded. The two troopers at the controls are alert and ready. Not wanting to draw their attention, I sneak down the corridor, hiding behind bulkheads as I go. I reach my intended target cell an find it empty. I was told they’d be in this area… So without drawing any more attention to myself, I search the rest of the cells to find them empty as well. They must have been moved to a different location.
I radio to my companions that the cells are empty and the captives are nowhere to be found. The communication must have been detected, because at that moment the doors close shut with a hiss and four automated ion blasters drop from the ceiling and whur click into action. I immediately begin to dodge their fire and reach for my staff to knock them out. While I take out two on one end I take serious damage to my internal systems. Any buffers that were in place to defend against such attacks are quickly being destroyed. I continue to dodge and attack, all the while taking heavy ion damage from these blasted turrets. Just as I am about to destroy the last one, it gets a good bead on me. My systems are compromised and they begin shutting down.
I reboot and come to under the faint blue-white glow of a ray shielded tube. To each side of me are the prisoners that I was searching for, also held captive in similar containment. The vast chamber is filled with troopers hiding above, ready to leap down upon anyone foolish to enter.
Just then, the fools rush in. Shorbecca, Sirhan, and Reom, all looking worse for the wear. They must have had had similar problems. It’s too bad that I can’t move or speak to warn them of their impending doom. They’ve sprung the trap, one more in what I suspect to be a long series of traps that were set for us.
Bright weapons fire is coming in from all directions. Lightsabers are swinging back and forth.
The ray shielding that was keeping me locked up has been dropped. I see “The Master” the purple robed bastard that has caused all of these issues. I charge at him and extend my claws to attack him while he’s distracted by the team. Somehow, despite being set upon by all sides, the Devronian continues to dodge and deflect nearly all the attacks. This isn’t how things are supposed to happen.
Surrounded by bursts of light and screams of pain and anguish I find that engaging the Master to be a lost cause. Half of my team is severely wounded and we’re surrounded on all sides. I rush around applying stims to as many as I can, hoping to get them on their feet so that we can get the girls and get out of here as soon as possible. To do that, I’m going to need to drop as many troopers as I can. I charge an isolated pocket of them and note my gear is covered by a tarp. I bypass the troopers, skidding to a halt behind them, throw off the tarp and pick up my carbine to blast them all in the back. That felt good…
Just then, I hear Reom and Shorbecca scream/yarl. I look about and see the wookie has been disarmed, and Reom’s sister has been brutalized by a lightsaber. It’s time to go.



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