Iaco Tabanne

Arkanian-Offshoot Smuggler (Gun Slinger/Force Sensitive Exile/Ataru Striker/Hunter)


Iaco has a calm and confident demeanor, but his eyes betray an ardor, thinly-veiled beneath practiced ennui.


Iaco is enamored with the ways of his “father’s” lost religion, the Jedi tradition. He has also adopted the beliefs of the Arkanian Renegades, and is currently wanted by the Arkanian government on charges of sedition, collusion, and destruction of property.

Iaco was raised by a female Arkanian-offshoot (and former renegade) named Narene, on the Outer Rim world of Lok, after his father was killed by an assassin droid. Narene and her compatriots were picked up by bounty hunters some years ago, whilst Iaco was away — Iaco’s failed rescue attempt resulted in his criminal charges.

Iaco then moved to Tatooine and took a job working for the gangster, Teemo the Hutt, in the hopes of using the crime boss’ network to secure his friend’s freedom; that, however, did not go according to plan….

Iaco Tabanne

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