Leena (Staff)

Zeltron Bartender at Maru's Folly


Abilities: Brawn 2, Agility 2, Intellect 2, Cunning 2, Willpower 1, Presence 3.
Skills: Charm 2, Knowledge (Xenology) 1, Perception 1, Resilience 1.

Empathy: Add setback to all incoming Charm or Deception rolls that target the Zeltron.
Pheromones: Zeltrons add advantage to all Charm, Deception, and Negotiation rolls.


After leaving Zeltros, Leena spent some time as a Binspo girl aboard the Star Odyssey luxury liner, after being discovered by a Galaxy Tours talent scout. However, on a trip through the Torch Nebula, the Odyssey was attacked by pirates; Leena was one a few taken for Maru Jakkar’s slave trade. Leena spent a few years working in the Lucky Dice Casino in various positions — mostly under the heel of Maru — which is where she first saw the crew of the Krayt Fang, and took inspiration in their bold defiance.

At some point, after some disagreements over Maru’s gaming practices, Leena was moved to Maru’s space station for work as a hostess/entertainer. When Maru took her final bow, Leena was freed by the hero, Iaco Tabanne (and crew), and decided to stay on as the barkeep of Maru’s Folly.

Leena (Staff)

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