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Blue Moon Bay Blues
Repairing the Krayt Fang

Today Sirahn and I repaired the ship.
The wookie and Iaco went to get themselves a tasty beverage and/or gamble.

Fracking Ice Planets

I stepped off the ship on this maker forsaken backwater planet and immediately felt my joints freezing up.
A short trek through the snow leads us to a small camp. With my help, Iaco gets “us” inside. But before we come through, I’m asked to stay outside.
I’m not sure what was said, but Shorbecca broke out of binder cuffs and a fight breaks out.
Sirahn lets the fence down and I run in to the fray. The minions were easily dispatched and everything was going well, until their leader had run away. I chased him down and met my end at the end of a blaster rifle.

Fracking Ice Planets pt. 2
Living for Another Day

My systems reboot and I am met with the sight of blinding whiteness and the deathly chill of winter.
I see Iaco laying next to me finishing unrolling and adhering the nanite tape to my injuries. I take in my surroundings immediately. Iaco is very close to death, and so am I. Zygarians are baring down on us. He says something unintelligible to me like “We’re all dead. Kill them.”

My programming kicks in. I grab the discarded blaster rifle beside me and snap it up into position as one of the parka boys comes into view. I squeeze the trigger and feel the slight recoil as the energy bolt is released and shoots across the snow. The bolt fizzles in his chest as he slowly crumples to lie dying in the snow.
Just then, another zygarian creeps over the top of one of the domes. He shoots Iaco in the back as he is trying to run away. I do believe that I felt a bit of anger towards him. I swing the rifle a few inches up and to the left and release another bolt. It hits him squarely and he folds over to slide head first down the dome.

The sound of repulser engines is coming closer. It doesn’t sound like the Krayt Fang, so I assume the worst. I grab Iaco by the collar and drag him through the snow back the way I had came. I see that Sirahn and Shorbecca are laying still in the snow. I take in the scene. Sirahn had made is way towards the wookie, a stimpack in his hand, reaching out towards him. I grab it and jab it into Shorbecca and he quickly comes to. I tell him we are leaving. He doesn’t say a word. He throws the sluissi over his shoulder and we hustle out into wastes.

Back aboard the ship, I take us off planet while our comrads have their wounds bound. The friction of the atmosphere over the hull of the ship heats up our systems and washes away the chill of that Icy Hell.

Once in space, I take us out into hiding so that we can recover.

Episode 1
Before the Beginning

After our firefight on the damnable ice planet, we returned to Blue Moon Bay to lick our wounds. Thank to Sirahn, we all recovered swiftly. That Sluissi is invaluable.
Once we were on our feet again, we got more low paying odd jobs from Maru Jakkar. I believe they think us a joke as we were given Bithi feminine hygiene products to deliver to Bal’demnic. Personally, I feel no embarrassment about it. But Iaco clearly flushed as he carted around the crates that were very clearly labeled. It was a simple run and we made enough credits to keep the ship in order and replace emergency stores.

After returning, we were summoned to Maru’s chambers again. She decided that we would get an important mission. Turns out that it may just be a suicide mission. We’re to go to The Wheel. A grey space station and intercept a package, most likely spice, and then take it to the black sun space station near Bakura. She gave us some credits and sent us on our way.

Upon making our way back to the ship, we were intercepted by a pair of Trandosans. They wanted Iaco and Shorbecca to make good on their promise for aid. I used my patented stealth techniques to make myself stick out like a sore thumb, but once people noticed me, then dismissed me, they forgot about me and I blended into nothingness. I crept around to their speeder and hopped into a seat. Turns out they were startled to see me there. Ha!

They drove us down to the bad places. I’m sure we could handle ourselves there well enough, so long as we weren’t the enemies of anyone in particular. Turns out we were needed to rough up some weapons dealer that didn’t make good. I was standing there, listening to their negotiations and apparently things were getting tense. I didn’t notice. However, I did notice that Iaco drew his blaster and sent a bolt through the head of one of the bodyguards. That’s when the dealer screamed and ran away to leave us with his muscle. Everything went down pretty standardly, except for the giant of a barabel. The poor bastard was knocked on the head by Shorbecca and I swung around behind him and slashed his eyes. That pretty much put him out of the fight. I did happen to whisper to him that he now works for me. Seems like he respects my/our might.
After that, we had to deal with the heavy door that the gun runner had hid behind. Sirahn and Shorbecca were busy getting it open while the trandos, Iaco and I laid the remaining guards out low.
On the other side of the door, the dealer had dipped into his stash. Laser fire of a repeating blaster littered the junk shop. Luckily only Sirahn took the hit. It could have been much, much worse. By the time I made it over there, the situation was in hand. And speaking of hands, Iaco decided that he was going to try to use a thermal detonator on the guy! I don’t know where he got it, but that’s a little overkill. The dealer gave up after that. He and the Trandos spent more time renegotiating while Sirahn and I fixed up our new barabel friend. Then we rummaged through the store and got some cool pieces and parts.
On the way to The Wheel, Sirahn had modified everyones gear. Did I mention that guy is good to have around?
Now, we wait for our quarry to show up.

Session 027 Recap

After successfully aiding Reom and IsoTech in the escape from Raxus Prime, the PCs rendezvoused with Reom’s flagship: IsoOne. Reom was quite grateful for their assistance, showering the PCs with 15,000 credits (for their work on Cholganna), 2 starfighters (a Clone War era Y-wing and a Z-95), and an item/items/modifications/etc worth 1,200 credits of their choice, as well as an offer to be business partners! The PCs decide to spend some time on IsoOne to rest and recoup and go on a shopping spree.

After a couple of weeks the PCs arrive at the Black Sun space station over Bakura where Bixin had left their transport, The Krayt Fang, after the events on The Wheel. They discover a message, a recorded holo, from Maru Jakkar. She asks them to come meet with her at their convenience.

In route to Nar Shaddaa the Krayt Fang suddenly lurches and reverts to real space. Bixin hops on the sensors to perform a sensor sweep to ensure they are not being ambushed. Meanwhile, Sirahn begins poking around the engine room and checking on the hyperdrive. He discovers the hyperdrive has indeed been sabotaged! Upon closer inspection Sirahn recognizes the handiwork to be that of his old friend Usa’an and discovers a strange substance on the damaged parts. The substance turns out to be a dust that is typically found in the highly toxic atmosphere of Quesh. Sirahn informs the party that their hyperdrive was sabotaged but neglects to mention he may know the cause. With a few hours of work Sirahn is able to repair the hyperdrive to get them to Nar Shaddaa.

The team sets down in Blue Moon Bay (the secured Black Sun docking bay) and hoofs it to their meeting with Maru at The Lucky Dice casino. The meet is similar to all the others except the guards that now stand at the entrance to her office are two hulking humans. The group is shown in…

Standing tall in a revealing, long flowing gown is Maru. She smirks when she sees you enter. “Come on, come on in.” she begrudgingly says. The guards close the doors behind you. “Well, despite your disastrous mission on The Wheel, you were still able to deliver results.” She seems clearly disappointed. “Because of those results you are still employed by Black Sun. So I have another job for you. You will be striking another blow against The Pyke Syndicate. We’ve located a “secret” warehouse of theirs in the lower levels. You will break in and steal everything you can, then deliver the goods to our secure warehouse. The Pyke’s warehouse is a fairly sizable location so you will be supplied with a speeder truck and additional crew. How you go about it will be up to you.” She gracefully moves to her large desk and picks up a datacard. “This has the warehouse location, schematics, and drop off point. You’ll be paid 15,000 credits upon completion.” She then somewhat mutters under her breath as if it is a pain for her to say, “Let me know if there is anything else you need.”

The PCs agree to the terms. Iaco makes some flirty comments which are harshly rejected.

The group then begins staking out the Pyke warehouse. They note one guard on the roof, one walking the perimeter, and two inside. During their stakeout a speeder truck arrives and unloads some cargo. Given the location of the PCs (and some poor Perception checks) they are unable to figure out or see what was being unloaded.

The group requests resources from Maru – a speeder truck and 8 crew.

Early in the morning the PCs launch their assault – the Black Sun crew drives the speeder truck up to the dock with everyone in the back along with a comm jammer. Piling out they are able to get the loading dock door open and discover a pitch black warehouse. Bixin takes out the guard walking the perimeter while Iaco uses his jetpack to take out the guard on the roof. It remains eerily quiet inside the warehouse. Sirahn decides to go to the control room to try to turn the lights on. Once all of the PCs are in the warehouse is when the trap is sprung! The black sun crew begins to open fire on the PCs while Pyke guards begin to open fire from hidden locations throughout the warehouse. Bixin and Shorbecca are able to quickly bring down some of their opponents while Sirahn continues to try and get the lights on. Iaco sneaks in through the roof hatch and along the catwalk begins to open fire on the Pykes below.

Sirahn is able to get the lights on but inadvertently triggers a self-destruct sequence!

Growing desperate, Iaco lobs a thermal detonator into the largest group of Pykes!

To be continued…

Session 028 Recap

Iaco ran to safety along the catwalk anticipating the explosion from the thermal detonator. As he ran he fired off a shot at a Pyke hiding behind some crates. His shot went wide hitting the crates and knocking them over toward the Pyke forcing the Pyke out of cover and into the blast radius of the thermal detonator explosion. The thermal detonator explodes but unfortunately due to a poor throw from Iaco and all the cover the Pykes are hiding behind the detonator is less effective: it kills two Pykes but only injures one other.

Sirahn informs the party that the warehouse is about to blow in 5 minutes! He runs out of the control room and charges the nearest Black Sun thug with his vibroblade, running him through and dropping his lifeless body to the ground.

Shorbecca continues to fire at the Pykes, not obscured by smoke, fire, and debris. BX-1N moves to cover and begins firing at the other Black Sun thugs outside of the warehouse. The thugs fire back and begin to retreat.

Iaco fires up his jetpack and flies up through the broken skylight. He takes up a position at the edge of the warehouse and fires down on the Black Sun thugs, both pistols blasting! He takes out two who where using the doors to the speeder truck as cover. Another thugs pokes out of the truck to try to fire off a shot at Iaco but he takes him out too! Leaving just the driver of the speeder truck left who quickly throws the truck in reverse and backs up to long range.

Shorbecca finishes off the rest of the Pykes as Sirahn returns to the control room to try to stop the self-destruct sequence. Unfortunately he is unable to do so and only 30 seconds remain on the clock! He yells to Bixin and Shorbecca to grab a crate and run! Iaco uses his jetpack to fly down and toward the speeder truck, he has a clear line of sight into the cab of the truck through the open passenger door, he fires his pistols and hits the driver who slumps over in his seat, Iaco flies right up into the cab.

Bixin, Shorbecca and Sirahn just barley make it out of the warehouse as it explodes in a massive ball of fire! Sirahn is knocked unconscious from the blast while Bixin and Shorbecca suffer only minor scrapes. They all hurry, dragging Sirahn’s body with them, as they jump into the truck just as more opponents are arriving.

They drive around for awhile looking for a safe place to recover and regroup. They begin to discuss plans for retaliation, Sirahn eventually comes to, and the group decides to strike back at Maru ASAP. Iaco strongly suggests they purchase another thermal detonator to help ensure their success against Maru. They find a safe place to park the speeder truck while they begin doing some digging looking for a thermal detonator.

They make contact with shady characters and arrange to meet in an alley to make the trade. The hooded figure reveals the thermal detonator but at the same time more Pyke thugs arrive and spring an ambush! Shorbecca tries to knock the detonator out of the Pyke’s hand by knocking him prone. Iaco fires up the jetpack and takes cover in upper fire escapes. Bixin opens fire on the closest Pyke killing one and injuring another. Sirahn tries to cut the prone Pyke’s hand with his vibro-rapier intending to get him to drop it, but he misses. The PCs make short work of the Pykes overall, and briefly chase them out of the alley and are able to gun them down in the street as the remaining 2 Pykes fled on foot. The PCs loot the bodies, recover from the fight, snatch up the thermal detonator, and set off for The Lucky Dice casino!

The four of them approach the busy casino, stepping through the opulent transparisteel doors…

Session 028/029 Cut Scene

Sitting at her expensive greel wood desk, Maru reads from the built-in monitor. A buzzer goes off and she casually presses a button on the screen and says, “What is it?”

The gruff voice on the other line says, “Mistress, we have reached the warehouse and it has been destroyed.”

“What do you mean destroyed?”

“It looks like it exploded.”

“Any sign of their bodies?”

“Nothing yet.”

“Keep searching. I’ll keep Hutt security out of there. If the Pykes show up, get out of there, do NOT engage.”

Suddenly Maru gasps as she notices an alert on her screen, switching to the security cameras she sees Iaco, BX-1N, Shorbecca, and Sirahn, enter the casino. “Never mind that order, get back here immediately, I have them now.”

“Right away Mistress!”

Maru smiles a wide, menacing grin, then stands and strides to the view port overlooking the casino floor…

Session 029

Striding boldly into The Lucky Dice casino, the group begins to make their way across the casino floor to the turbolift they normally take when they visit Maru. Halfway there they notice a large group of security guards, dressed in formal attire, approaching the group. BX-1N (Bixin) slinks away from the group and hides behind a bank of credit-op machines.

“Halt!” the guard exclaims, “Maru wishes to speak with your group. Where is your droid?”

Sirahn and Iaco attempt to deceive the guards with word-play but it falls on deaf ears. The guards were expecting them and they are under strict orders. Meanwhile, Bixin sneaks around the confrontation and approaches the turbolift where he encounters two other guards. He fails to negotiate his way past them and winds up being led by one of the guards back to the rest of the group.

At this point, everyone is being led to a side door where two more guards are positioned. One of the guards uses a code cylinder to open the secure side door. Iaco uses the force to pull the code cylinder to his hand but fails to do so stealthily. Thinking quickly, however, Iaco causes the guards comlink to fall out of his pocket and the guard simply thinks he dropped his comlink instead of lost his code cylinder! Once open, the group is led through the side door and into a hallway with four doors; one at the opposite end of the hall and three reinforced doors equally spaced along the left wall. The group is led to the central door, a code cylinder used again to open, and the group is told to wait inside. The room is small, no windows, and a bench built-in around the three bare walls. The door closes when the last PC enters the room. Fearing the worst everyone looks around the room, noticing two small vents at the ceiling, a concealed view screen in the wall next to the door, and no door controls! At that moment the view screen comes on and the image of Maru appears on the screen.

Maru explains her anger at the PCs; telling them they are screw ups and they have bumbled their way to success. She says no one leaves the employ of Black Sun, alive. Therefore they must die. The screen goes dark and the room begins filling with a noxious gas. Sirahn remembers a breath mask he had stowed in his bag and Iaco and Shorbecca are able to hold their breath. Sirahn begins to pull the view screen panel apart to get at the door controls while Shorbecca begins hacking away at the door with his vibroaxe. After several minutes Sirahn slices the door open and Iaco begins blasting away hitting nothing. They exit the room, the noxious gas following them out into the hallway. Iaco’s stolen code cylinder does not open the door leading further into the back rooms of the casino, but it does open the door they came in through. At that point the gas shuts off and is vented out. Stepping back onto the casino floor the group sees Maru in her second floor office, standing arms crossed, and an angry expression on her face. Close to two dozen of her guards stand protecting the turbolift to her office. The PCs slowly back away and exit the casino.

Not knowing what to do next, the group reaches out to their contact, Grinner, for information. They ask all sorts of questions of Grinner and learn that the Maru is working for a Black Sun Vigo named Durga the Hutt. Durga controls most of the shipping to and from Nar Shaddaa. Grinner also suggests the PCs may not have much luck “reporting” her to her boss or trying to get another Vigo to turn on her as the PCs have already been “marked”. Other members might make moves against each other but they are unlikely to listen to outsiders, especially those who a lieutenant has severed ties with (essentially a death mark from Black Sun).

After their conversation with Grinner a Devaronian dressed in nice dark purple robes approaches their table, saying he couldn’t help but over hear their conversation and that he may be able to help them out in their revenge against Maru. The stranger suggests he has intimate knowledge of Maru’s operations and can help the PCs coordinate attacks that will weaken her position. However, he demands the PCs perform a job for him first before he helps them. He says they should travel to Docking Bay 41.

The PCs then make a plan to get their ship out of the Black Sun docking bay where it is currently berthed. After a brief fire fight with some of Maru’s thugs the PCs take off toward Docking Bay 41 which is in a secluded part of the planet in the Old Duros Sector…

Session 030

The PCs land in an old warehouse that’s been converted into Docking Bay 41. A male Rodian dressed in typical spacer’s clothes leans against the wall waiting for them. Bixin greets him and asks for his name but he dodges that by saying they should call him “Fixer”. He hands Sirahn a datacard with their mission on it and briefly says they are to kill a guy in the New Vertica sector. There is some back and forth about if they should actually do this mission with Fixer saying they entered into an agreement with the Devaronian who he calls “Master” and he’ll not be pleased if they back out. Sirahn breaks the datacard in half. Fixer let’s out a sigh and says he’ll let Master know their choice. He walks over to his swoop bike then flies away.

Afterward, there is some discussion about their next moves.

Iaco says he is going to take the Y-wing out so he can look into this lead he has about his past on Codia.

Bixin says he needs to get to Tatooine but doesn’t reveal any details. Sirahn and Shorbecca agree to go with him since they can all take the Krayt Fang together.

Iaco arrives at the edge of the Codia system and spends the next few hours traveling at sublight speed to the planet. Initial scans reveal lots of lifeforms, moderate weather, and a world that is primarily water (ala Kamino). Breaking through the atmosphere, scanning eventually reveals a large building. It looks similar to buildings on Kamino, a central structure with landing pads radiating out and connected by bridges, however the design of the buildings are clearly Imperial. Yet, the age of the building suggests it is pre-Empire. The central structure extends a couple hundred meters below the surface of the vast ocean it sits in. The Y-wing lands. “Wait here A3.” Iaco says to the R2 droid, his co-pilot and astrogator.

There are two old droids standing inert at the end of the bridge who look as if they have been standing there for centuries. Their plating has seen better days and they look rusted at the joints. As Iaco approaches the droids shudder, powering up, their eyes flicker to life and they erratically stand erect, pointing their arms, which are clearly blaster cannons, at Iaco. Fear grips Iaco. Tapping into that fear Iaco reaches out with the Force and moves one of the droids off the side of the platform into the ocean below. The second droid opens fire which Iaco narrowly avoids. Again Iaco reaches out with the Force, a bit more calm this time, and moves the second droid off the platform. Iaco finds the facility empty and calls A3 to assist in accessing the computer system. A3 is able to turn on some of the systems and Iaco takes a turbolift to a lab deep under the water. Arriving at the lab Iaco encounters 2 more droids that present a significant challenge. After dispatching the droids he does a thorough investigation of the lab and finds reference to a researcher with the same last name as himself. He finds this researchers lab and discovers a holo-journal with a message addressed to him! Soaking in the message and reflecting on the words within the message Iaco suddenly hears, “Son.” Turning around he sees his father standing before him. His father says, “Quickly, there is no time, take this and flee before the Inquisitor arrives.” He hands Iaco a half-meter long cylindrical object. Iaco tries to asks several questions but his father urges him to flee, but not before he tells Iaco to find Master Ren Do on Dorin. As Iaco flees the facility he finds Imperial Stormtroopers after him. Rushing across the bridge to his starfighter he sees a figure dressed in purple robes stride down the ramp of an Imperial shuttle with an ignited red lightsaber – its the Devaronian they met on Nar Shaddaa! Iaco speeds away and jumps to hyperspace just as the Imperial Star Destroyer is closing in!

Meanwhile, the rest of the group arrive at Tatooine. Bixin meets with Jura his Expeditor while Sirahn and Shorbecca go off on a shopping trip. Jura explains to Bixin that he needs to track down and kill a rival bounty hunter named Galasett. Some initial investigation and Bixin learns Galasett is on Corellia. The group leaves for Corellia.

Iaco finds a safe haven at IsoTech’s floating base, Iso One.

On Corellia the PCs begin to track Galasett.


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