Star Wars Destinies

Session 033


On Tatooine…

Bixin and Sirahn discuss their next moves, while Shorbecca recovers on the Krayt Fang. There is some discussion about following a lead Sirahn has that leads to Quesh in Hutt space. Bixin asks some probing questions of Sirahn as to his past connection with this guy who has allegedly sabotaged their ship. Sirahn answers nervously about how he betrayed his best friend and destroyed their designs for a new starfighter. Ultimately, Sirahn suggests waiting until Shorbecca is fully recovered before investigating Quesh.

Meanwhile on Dorin…

Iaco, having sold his landspeeder to cover the loss of the speeder bike he rented, now finds himself hunted by Stormtroopers and must sneak his way through the city to the space port. However, the Empire has setup check points at the space station and is checking the identification of all coming and going. Iaco tries to sneak around the check point but is discovered by a solitary Stormtrooper. Thinking quickly, Iaco uses the Force to influence the Stormtrooper and convinces him to not only let him pass but escort him to the shuttle. However, Iaco arrives on the space station to find yet another Imperial checkpoint. He has A6 pull up a schematic of the station and finds an out of the way vent shaft that he can crawl through. A6 being the small astromech he is has no problem breezing past the security checkpoint. The boxed text! :

The docking bay is quiet except for a quiet metal clink, then a thump, repeated over and over. You then see a tall skinny human with bushy black hair dressed in trendy spacers clothes leaning against your Y-wing, smoking a death stick, and flipping a credit chip in the air: clink, thump. “You might as well surrender now.” he casually says. “Even if you get past me my friends will stop you once you launch. So make this easy will ya?” You recognize this guy! This is the same bounty hunter that brought you to the Arkanians the last time!

Iaco’s gut reaction is to saunter up to this guy and blast him, but he pauses, he had just underwent some intense training to be a Jedi and instead decides to try to use the Force to influence this bounty hunter into letting him pass. The bounty hunter’s mind is too strong however and realizes what Iaco is doing, he quickdraws his pistols and fires at Iaco! The shot goes wide as the bounty hunter (Streen) stumbles backward from being caught off guard by his opponent. Iaco quickdraws and blasts Streen, scoring a strong hit that burs his fancy spacers clothes. Iaco then jumps in the cockpit of his Y-wing and calls for A6. At that moment A6 comes speeding into the hangar bay and maneuvers into the astromech socket of the ship. Streen dives for cover behind the fusion generator refueling tanks and pops a stimpack. Iaco punches it and speeds away. However, once in space A6 detects a transport bearing down on them. They set a course and speed away to Nar Shaddaa, evading the bounty hunter transport!

Everyone eventually regroups back to the safety of IsoTech’s flagship: IsoOne.

While on IsoOne, Shira gathers everyone together to a meeting with Reom and Grinner…

“Thank you for coming.” Reom says grimly. “Unfortunately I do not have good news. As I mentioned to Iaco previously, a number of our shipments have been intercepted over the past several weeks. After some digging I have discovered that the attacks have been carried out by agents of Black Sun. These set backs have begun to eat into our profits. Despite the cutting edge tech Cratala is coming up with, we just don’t have any demand because we can’t protect shipments. Our usual freighter captains are also distancing their selves from us, leaving us in a poor position. We have another large shipment headed to Corellia in 12 days, if it doesn’t get there I am not sure we will be able to recover. And the odds do not sound promising.”
Reom looks over at Grinner, who then looks to you and says, " Yes, there has been some new information that has come to light. The questions you asked the last time we met sparked my interest so I did some digging. I discovered that it is indeed Maru who ordered the attacks on the IsoTech shipments, but that is just the tip of the iceberg! As you may know she has been forcibly taking over slaving operations from the Pykes. She has been successful up to now thanks to YOUR help. It appears she only needs to make one more major move and that is to strike at the heart of their operations at Ventooine. I’ve also learned that she has been selling these slaves to the Empire. Which is interesting since the Empire’s official stance is: slavery is illegal. She must have the support of someone powerful within the Empire if such moves are sanctioned. The Empire’s policies are so strict the Hutts are forced to keep their slaving operations within Hutt space. Anyway, if you want to hurt her you could intercept or disrupt her plans to attack the Pykes. And if you really wanted to hurt her you could sneak aboard her space station and blow it up. If you really, really wanted to hurt her you could attack her at the casino and force her to flee to the space station THEN blow it up! Up to you guys though. Since The Lucky Dice is essentially her stronghold you’d have to force her out of there and cause her to flee to Bakura so she has no ground to go to. Finding all this out cost me some resources and put me on her radar, so I’ll be avoiding Nar Shaddaa for a bit and laying low."
Reom picks up where Grinner left off, “If you do not deal with Maru, and before our next shipment goes out, IsoTech may be ruined. This business is our life.” He glances at Shira who nods in agreement. “Started by our father it is all that remains of our family, we CAN’T lose it.”

The PCs spend some time discuss a plan and eventually decide to interrupt Maru’s take over of the Pyke Syndicate’s operation on Ventooine and destroying her space station. The plan is to: rescue the slaves, commandeer the slave transport ship, use that transport ship to travel to and sneak aboard her space station, free the slaves on the space station, and then destroy the station.

With the plan decided the PCs decide to head out early to attempt to arrive before Maru’s attack begins. (With a great Astrogation roll) the PCs arrive in the Ventooine system a full day and a half before Maru’s fleet arrives.

Before then however, the PCs decide to try to land on the surface of the planet to intercept Maru’s forces on the ground. However, they are intercepted in orbit by Pyke Syndicate forces that actually dock with and board The Krayt Fang. Through some crazy (and hilarious) negotiations between the Pyke’s, Sirahn and Shorbecca, the PCs are told to leave the system and the Pykes storm off in a huff!

The PCs regroup and hide out at the edge of the system…

Eventually they detect Black Sun star ships enter the system and begin their attack. The PCs move to sensor range (medium) and debate what to do. However, Bixin grows tired of the debate and takes the Gold Star (Z-95 starfighter) to join the battle. He hails the Pykes and offers his abilities free of charge. Thus the fight is joined! Iaco, along with Shorbecca, in the Y-wing begin an attack run on the Black Sun flagship, The Vibroblade. Black Sun Z-95s engage the PCs and Pyke starfighters. Maru clearly has the superior force over the Pyke Syndicate, but with the PCs in the battle the outcome is uncertain!



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