Raithe Harrak (Adversary)

Human Jedi Knight (Iaco's father)


In 50 BBY, a young Jedi Knight named Raithe Harrak was sent to Arkania to assist in negotiations between the Dominion government and a group of socially conscious Arkanians, threatening action, due to their objections to the genetic experimentation on the unintelligent local Yaka species. One of these Arkanian renegades was a genetic engineer herself, named Frema Tabanne. Raithe and Frema quickly developed a friendship, and he found himself becoming more biased than what is expected of a Jedi Knight.

When the situation quickly escalated to potential civil war, Raithe was contacted by his new acquaintance, Hego Damask of Damask Holdings; a clandestine financial group, closely allied to the InterGalactic Banking Clan, whom the Arkanian renegades had recently beseeched for funding. Hego spoke of the Arkanian rebels’ odds against the Dominion government, and was able to convince Raithe of the need for a rebel army. Unfortunately, there were no troops at the ready for such a cause, but Hego had a solution: They could build a resistance force using displaced refugees and other enemies of the Dominion; augmenting them with Arkanian cybernetics. In addition to this, Hego suggested using a blood sample from Raithe to create a crack team of cloned Arkanian-hybrid warriors, claiming that the midichlorians in Raithe’s blood would help to stabilize the clones’ rushed development — which were to be created by Frema.

Little did Raithe know that Hego Damask was actually the Sith Lord, Darth Plagueis, and that this would be a test run for the impending Clone Wars, or that Plagueis had formed a plan for immortality… Plagueis theorized that a being of pure force — one possessing an unusually high midichlorian count — would be the perfect vessel to contain his force essence, or spirit, having learned the art of transferral from his master, Darth Tenebrous. Before learning how to create life with the force, Plagueis believed that cloning would be the way to achieve this end.

The war concluded (with the help of the Jedi Order) before the cloning plan could be implemented, but Frema was able to create the genetic blueprint. In the interim, Raithe and Frema’s relationship had become romantic, and Raithe was devastated when her rebellion was crushed and she was taken prisoner by the Dominion — he vied for her release, but she was marked for execution. Raithe then pleaded with the Jedi Counsel to intervene, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. In a final bid to secure her freedom, he assaulted the execution chambers, but was too late. Before he could be punished by the Counsel, he left the Order and vanished, becoming one of the “lost twenty.”

Nearly 20 years later, Hego met with Raithe again and spoke of an impending galactic civil war; with the corruption in the Senate and the Jedi turning a blind eye, Hego felt this was not only unavoidable, but necessary — to which Raithe agreed. Around 32 BBY, Raithe was able to obtain the genetic blueprint Frema had designed, for use as a template for a new clone army, and was able to produce at least one functioning clone (Iaco). Raithe, under Hego’s direction, then began working behind the scenes of the Naboo trade dispute, fostering resentment with the aid of a few remaining Arkanian Renegades, and also helping in the assassination of the non-Neimoidian leaders of the Trade Federation — to secure the Neimoidian leadership necessary to begin Plagueis’ secessionist machinations.

Once Plagueis’ plan was underway, and Raithe had outlived his usefulness, an assassin droid was sent to eliminate Raithe and retrieve the young clone (Iaco). Apparently successful in the first part of the task, the droid took the child to be delivered directly to Hego Damask, however, upon learning of Hego’s recent demise (at the hands of his Sith apprentice, Palpatine), the droid instead left the child with the remaining Arkanian Renegades at their refugee camp on Lok.

Raithe Harrak (Adversary)

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